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Let’s suppose you are sitting on a chair having a chai along with crunchy biscuits you want to fleet from the expectations and responsibilities that were lodged throughout the week. Suddenly You realize that you are lagging, what is going on in the recent and what is public opinion about it. Hence, you start swiping back and forth on your smart phone’s screen with a view of attaining the brief news. It’s obvious that after reading 10–15 feeds you will be exhaust by reading biased news and filthy views of the public. You would be at the edge of the brink where further negativity and false news can not be consumed. So What is the role of artificial intelligence in spreading this kind of biased news? And what would be the fauna of artificial intelligence in the future?

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impact of artificial intellegence on social media

if I try to answer the first question, I can conceive that the artificial intelligence would be very brutal as it can target a specific group for instance the election of 2106 in America was alleged of bombarding its citizen with fake news and as we all have heard that famous proverb that “half-truth is dangerous than the complete false”. Artificial intelligence is quite handy to cater such kind of nepotic news. What is more that, nowadays because of the ease of access to Shallow news, people tend to believe what he is reading on the screen without any cross checking. If we try to portrait the villain picture of artificial intelligence, It is an irrefutable fact that it can create a sided community on any national talk. What is more, because of artificial intelligence it is also possible to divert public attention from the concerned topic and divert them to any unimportant topic. Hence there is a possibility of defenestrating the public voice against any illegal activities.

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If we think about the social impact of artificial intelligence it seems a bit shady as we can feel that it would handcuff the vibrancy of the society. As the influence of social platforms is emerging for consuming the information and obviously we never even try to cross-check the relevancy of information. Artificial intelligence may ask for the various survey frequently and the most interesting part of this survey would be that the survey questions may be generated by it and in the future, it may be used to define an individual’s characteristics. Moreover, artificial intelligence can easily fire the social rivalry, For example, a trumped-up story forwarded by artificial intelligence may fuel the two different religions to land on the ground. And on a broader scale, it may become a global concern for various countries who are secular.

Finally, this list can be stretch up as long as we want but as usual the topic of debate is either artificial intelligence is soothing our life or scratching?

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This post was originally published by at Medium [AI]

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