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Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing the pharmaceutical industry, making drug discovery and development quicker, cheaper and more effective. As an expert in AI-assisted drug discovery, AI & Medicine recently announces to provide chemical drug development service for researchers worldwide. The powerful AI-assisted drug discovery platform independently developed by this company has already been adopted by a few pharmaceutical companies in their drug R&D endeavors of innovative therapies.

There is a lot of excitement about the opportunities associated with the application of AI, especially in drug R&D, which is widely viewed as a costly, complicated and time-consuming process. With the joining of AI, drug R&D process can be simplified and accelerated. The great potentials of AI system allows optimization of an algorithm to identify new chemical matter with a desired molecular profile. It is quite fair to say that AI could be used in nearly all drug discovery stages.

But at the same time, a gap exists in understanding these possibilities and applying them to the real drug discovery and development processes. In such a case, companies like AI & Medicine come to help. Their unparalleled expertise and most advanced technology would facilitate researchers to know what measures should be taken to invest and apply AI at various stages of drug development, such as drug design, optimization safety prediction, CMC, quality control, clinical trials, repurposing, and even business strategies.

AI & Medicine’s chemical source for drug research include:

7,895 drugs and experimental drugs

1.7 million bioactive small molecules from ChemBL

About 10 million small molecules for HTS

378 million commercially available compounds from ZINC 15 (drug-likeness chemical space)

166 billion enumerated small molecules up to 17 atoms (C, N, O, S and halogens)

Compared with traditional methods, AI & Medicine’s chemical drug service can help customers save the cost of screening candidates by tens of billions every year in various scenarios like drug target discovery, screening of small molecule libraries to find new candidates, de novo drug design, drug optimization and repurposing, and preclinical testing.

Furthermore, molecules designed by AI are drug-like, synthesizable and within the chemical space of specific target. The chemical candidates designed by AI also exhibit potent bioactivity against specific targets. To learn more information about AI & Medicine’s capability in biomarker discovery and targeted proteomics services, please visit:

About AI & Medicine

Relying on its expertise and technology, AI & Medicine has become a preferred partner for medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises worldwide in their exploring of better solutions for new drugs or innovative therapies. It recently broadens its service offerings to chemical drug development, molecular docking, de novo drug design, retrosynthetic analysis, docking and scoring, SAR analysis, etc.

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This post was originally published by at Medium [AI]

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