How Artificial Intelligence (AI) transforms Mobile Technology

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AI development has become one of the most advanced technologies in recent years. Not only computer systems, but it has also revolutionized mobile technology to another level.

With new and interesting features such as voice commands, face recognition, image scanning, labeling images, and whatnot. Artificial Intelligence has increased user experience by leaps and bounds and is continuously showing development in unexpected and exciting ways. Each and every mobile app development company present in the market has realized the potential of this technology and strives to make more AI-powered applications in the future.

There are plenty of ways through which AI has transformed mobile technology, some of which are:

  1. Making Searching Engines Smarter
  2. Integration Of AI And IoT
  3. Better Cameras Apps
  4. AI In Translation Apps
  5. Face Unlock
  6. Better Security To Apps
  7. Better Marketing Of Apps

Digital marketing executives will understand this better than others. AI has improved the way search engines used to rank websites in their SERPs.

Google’s crawler can now check if a website is doing the right submissions and in the right directories. Another thing that search engines can do is check if the content of a website is unique and relevant to the title and the niche of the website. There are a lot of apps and websites that use ways that are not right to increase their reach.

For people who surf on mobile phones, AI has ranked pages that have mobile-optimized pages higher. This is the reason why most of the new websites are now mobile-friendly. SEO activities for websites have become so much better than before. Now websites pay attention to their content, they make sure that all the parts are responsive, and that their URL is simple. All these things are now possible because of AI.

Because of AI software development, smartphones can communicate with different devices.

AI and IoT have a great relationship because of data. IoT devices can be connected to smartphones and can transfer data to the apps that can be translated and analyzed by AI-based applications. This integration can be really useful to scientists and new businesses that are still trying to find a product.

There are many benefits of this integration. Both of them are future technologies that will have a great impact on smartphone devices. There will be better solutions because of this integration.

Smartphone cameras are getting smarter. They can now identify the type of photo one is taking and set effects accordingly. This technology is still in development but there have been some developments in the camera. A smartphone can adjust the camera accordingly if the user wants to capture food, nature, portrait, and many other things. It can adjust lighting and contrast accordingly too. This is the reason why smartphone cameras are becoming better in terms of both quality and features.

They can also be automated in some settings or can be integrated with ondemand app development processes. There are a lot of changes that have been made in the cameras and more are yet to come.

AI has many applications but one of the most useful applications that attracted smartphone app developers was its translation app. An AI software development company can develop a real-time translation app.

These applications can hear what a person says and can instantly translate into another language of their choice. This saves time taken to translate something. This can also be integrated with other applications and enhance chat and conversation between people from different countries. It will open a new sphere of the market to a lot of companies. Also, this will also make business communication for local businesses easy.

This will help people who are not fluent in other languages to reach more people in different regions through their smartphones. AI-based translation software might take some time to become perfect but if it also has qualities of ML then it will be very accurate. This is something that was not available before. Earlier the applications either used to take written inputs or first listen to the whole sentence or words properly and then translate.

Now, users don’t even have to tell the translator what language they are going to speak in, it is smart enough to interpret.

This is one of the most used security features in smartphones right now and this works completely on AI. Without AI, smartphones would never have been able to remember the exact features of your face and get unlocked. It might have gotten unlocked by any face if AI was not used to detect the face and the eyes.

There is something that is different in the face of every person and even if there is a person who looks a lot like the user, they might still not be able to unlock their phone. This is a great use of this technology and it has really given a great upgrade to the mainstream security features.

Security is the most important part of a mobile app development company and AI helps them in that. AI can provide better security options to app developers. There are benefits of AI that make it better for security than any other type of technology. Developers can create a better authentication system that makes sure that no account can be hacked. AI can also be integrated with the firewall of the application or the smartphone device to make sure that it is smart.

It should be able to understand a threat and block it right away. As most of the applications are now online, the threat to the users has increased but maybe with AI, this threat will reduce.

Marketing requires data, a lot of data. The data needs to be collected both online and offline to get a better analysis. AI can help on-demand app development companies in collecting and analyzing data. This is something that can improve the marketing strategies of app development companies.

According to studies, more than 80 percent of businesses and mobile companies have started making use of AI-based apps and software to improve the marketing of their applications.

AI development is one of the best growing technologies. There have been a lot of developments and there are many that are yet to come. This will change the way mobile apps are developed. This will make smartphones smart and applications and users even smarter.

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This post was originally published by at Medium [AI]

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