Is it or not: Easier to implement AI today?

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The survey makes it clear that executives feel that AI will be more present in their business lives because of the possibility to buy pre-made AI-based products that can be easier to implement into their digital environments. Deloitte found out that half of those surveyed say they will either “buy all” or “buy more than build” AI solutions. Behind those numbers are all kinds of companies — from startups to large corporations eager to leverage the many forms of artificial intelligence.

So, as we estimated, Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) model will be one of the trends to keep an eye in this crucial year. That’s because AIaaS can provide companies with the essential tools a company needs to assemble an AI-driven solution that’s more closely aligned with that particular company’s goals. Using this model, businesses of all kinds would be relieved of having to hire data scientists and AI developers, which are scarce and, therefore, very hard to find.

Problem solved, then? Not quite. The “buy rather than build” mentality still has its challenges. While it can provide a more immediate solution to the AI demands, it still needs a particular set of skills to understand and assemble. Given the offer based around AI, understanding the solutions that might provide a company with an advantage becomes essential. However, not everyone will be able to make an informed choice because of that requirement, so they’ll still need AI experts to choose the right AI solutions available in the market and for integrating it.

There’s another aspect to buying rather than developing. As it happens with all off-the-shelf solutions, companies jumping on this trend will have to make do with what AI providers offer them. Sure, there are huge companies behind AIaaS, such as IBM and Google, that are already offering specific high-end solutions to quench the companies’ thirst for AI. However, the offer is still somewhat limited and generic.

Those AI solutions available today can be the answer for what most companies are looking for — modernizing data infrastructure and automating tasks. However, as more and more businesses adopt the same approach, the need for more customized AI solutions will be more evident, especially for those companies wanting to get a competitive edge from their AI efforts.

So, developing isn’t totally out of the question — it’s postponed until entire industries standardize AI’s use.

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This post was originally published by at Medium [AI]

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