Local Government employing AI for road maintenance

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During a time where coronavirus and social distancing is in effect, workers from a home county in southern England called Hertfordshire, are utilizing Artificial Intelligence to monitor road conditions, identifying potholes using on-board cameras, and increasing productivity.

According to a recent account in Bishop’s Stortford Independent, the county adopted RoadAI last year in order to ensure safety and conduct inspections. Using RoadAI, last year alone the county has filled 17,000 potholes.

A global leader in weather, environmental and industrial measurements, known as Vaisala of Vantaa, Finland created the RoadAI technology.

According to the infrastructure report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), many US roads are in poor condition and have been graded a flat D. Since local and state governments are responsible for about 97% of road maintenance and operations, they are in immediate need to optimize budget spending.

Hundreds of other local governments in the US have employed technologies like RoadBotics, AI-based road assessments, etc. to ensure the safety of the public.

During winters in the US, due to temperature drop, the water runs into cracks and freezes causing it to expand creating potholes. RoadBotics has noticed that most of these potholes are preventable.

Similarly, back in 2017, the town of North Huntington, Pa, started using AI-based road assessments. The Associate Planning Director Ryan Fonzi would visually assess the pavement conditions and record scores into GIS software. This map created by Ryan helped management and engineers while making decisions on what roads to pave.

These examples show that it is not only the big government organizations that can employ AI productively but if taken the right initiative, AI can also be of a major boon for local governments. AI in this situation has made it possible for hundreds of workers to toil during a global pandemic.

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This post was originally published by at Medium [AI]

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