The Twitter Age Conundrum

mediumThis post was originally published by Aboli Marathe at Medium [AI]

Why working with real tweets isn’t always a yellow brick road to understanding the public sentiment.

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining Omdena, a global platform committed to AI for Social Good, on one of their exciting real-world AI challenges. Working beside the venerable Fondation Botnar, 50 brilliant collaborators were summoned from all over the world, to bring their best wits and save the world, not unlike the Aurors in Harry Potter. Here the magic was AI.

Twitter! Source here
Team Twitter’s hilarious motto! Source here

We had tons of data and no method of knowing which tweet belonged to which age category!

Solving for age! Source here
Some major words popular among the youngsters. Source:
Celebrity Word Clouds Source:
Std Deviation in Sentiment over region Source:
Heat Maps in Positive Sentiment over region Source:
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This post was originally published by Aboli Marathe at Medium [AI]

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