Top 10 predictions for the next decade

A lot can change in ten years. Over the past decade, we’ve seen the start of a new race to Mars, the commercial release of self-driving cars, and the first photograph of a black hole.

Over the next ten years, the changes are going to be even more incredible. Artificial Intelligence will play a big role in our ability to control our future.

  1. 2029: The Global Population Reaches A Crisis Point
  2. 2028: Scientists Begin Resurrecting Extinct Species
  3. 2027: Developing Nations Overtake the US Economy
  4. 2026: Doctors Learn To Reverse Aging In Human Heart
  5. 2025: Scientists Gain The Ability To Fix The Human Brain
  6. 2024: The First Manned Mission to Mars
  7. 2023: The Global Economy Crashes
  8. 2022: Solar-Powered Commercial Airlines Become Available
  9. 2021: Mass Production of Self-Driving Cars Begins
  10. 2020: Mind-Reading Machines Enter Production

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