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AI data will be a big theme across 2020, ranging from innovative techniques that train AI on less data to traction-gaining data privacy protection. On the positive side, AI developments include energy-efficient AI, neural quantity networks, and the role of natural language processing in protein comprehension.

Blockchain integration, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence

Some of the main issues, relative to this, is the integration of AI into various systems. Experts have now worked out how to combine Artificial Intelligence much more efficiently with various systems. Many of those headways are basic system activation and guidance, which helps you to collect data in real time.

By 2020, you can run more AI apps from AI Trends, which are used in cars. There’s something very similar true for Blockchains that can create a certain norm that uses AI to solve security, scalability and other troubling issues.

AI will increasingly be monitoring and refining business processes

Although the workplace’s first robots were mainly involved in automating manual activities such as manufacturing and production lines, today’s software-based robots will do the tedious yet important work that we do on computers.

Filling in forms, creating reports and diagrams and providing documents and instructions are all activities that can be automated by computers watching what we are doing and learning to do it for us in a faster and more efficient way.

This automation-known as robotic process automation-will free us from the drudgery of time-consuming but essential administrative work , allowing us to spend more time on complex, strategic, creative & interpersonal tasks.

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This post was originally published by Business Development at Medium [AI]

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