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The bias error of algorithms is more humane than many people think. AI focuses on identifying signals and patterns, just as we do, but in a more “formulated and prescriptive” way we would say. Where does the key reside? Understand the formula.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Hey Siri, Can I help you?, text and voice analysis is a rapidly growing field, based on Natual Language Processing (NLP) that allows mapping between different dimensions of personality, such as interests, intelligence, or mood, with the words we use. Products like IBM Watson allow us to carry out sentiment analysis and to translate a personal language style into a complete personality profile.

While there is no universal formula, there are some consistent patterns:

  • The use of positive words, such as “fun” or “incredible” are often associated with extraversion.
  • “Worried” and “fear” often identify people with a pessimistic disposition.
  • Using complex words like “chronicle” or “narrative” characterize smart and curious people.
  • While the systematic use of self-referential pronouns such as “I,” “me,” and “especially me,” may be indicators of possible narcissistic tendencies.

There are applications that analyze the videos that we publish on the Internet. Companies like Hirevue focus on automatically interpreting body language and facial expressions during the recruitment process for a job vacancy. If you publish videos, make sure they represent you favorably.

The voice transmits emotion and truthfulness, among many other things. Prosody is a branch of linguistics that formally analyzes and represents those elements of oral expression such as accent, tones and intonation. Even our voice allows us to give clues about our health.

Let’s stop thinking that facial recognition is dangerous or harmful. We ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, make prejudices about physical appearance, including gender, age, and ethnicity, even though we shouldn’t. Let’s make progress in this area.

Quantity, quality and content.

No company will publicly acknowledge that it uses this technique in the recruitment or evaluation process of candidates. Do not be fooled.

Any content or action you may post can correlate with your personality, beliefs, consumer behavior, and even political preferences.

HiredScore, Humantic, Allyo or Crystal Knows are examples of companies that rely on AI to understand the meaning of both voice, text and video, of employees and candidates, so that they can create a digital profile and predict their behavior in a way. automatic.

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This post was originally published by Oscar GR at Medium [AI]

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