Slash road congestion with AI-Powered Traffic Management

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AI in improving traffic management, on hearing this, most of you must be thinking that how can this even be possible, since this very technology is supposed to work with a different mechanism to its credit.

But this is where our thought process has been proven wrong, as technology is stepping into the most controversial system we all face the brunt of it daily, and that is traffic management. There are different sets of technologies already helping us to navigate and find the routes to avoid traffic-laden roads. But now there is a technology that is going to manage the complete traffic management infrastructure with the integration of an adaptive traffic control algorithm.

Yes, you got it right, we are discussing the AI technology, that has already created a great scope for different industries and businesses to flourish ahead. And now it is here to reshape our traffic management, by synchronizing the traffic signal timings to limit, that creates a beneficial curve to the traffic. It further enables to improve mobility and traffic efficiency, which also addresses fuel consumption and emissions.

Traffic congestion is a real concern

Traffic congestion is nothing new to be witnessed around us, as the development is great progress in the cities, the number of vehicles is increasing at a rapid rate. The rapid urbanization has led to a large influx of people migrating from villages or rural areas to cities. This has led to a traffic system going haywire, and the number of vehicles has put the existing system to be tested.

In such a demanding situation the integration of technology to handle and manage the traffic is nothing less than a blessing. The utilization of AI in improving traffic management has eased down the road for travelers and daily passengers to experience improved and clutter-free roads.

If you wonder how AI has made a significant role in improving traffic, then this post is here to help you unsolve the puzzle. Let’s read ahead…

Bid adieu to congestion

Be it a festival, or any vehicle breaking down in the mid-way, you must stay ready to welcome the traffic congestion, which will increase your traveling time from 10 minutes to 40 min or maybe much beyond it. Today, 68% of drivers spend 4 hours daily in traffic congestion. On the other hand, the increased number of vehicles, and constant constructions taking place at another corner, leads to such problems coming into existence.

With the integration of the ITM-Intelligent traffic management system, drivers get a hold of what’s coming in their way ahead. This system is filed with AI, machine learning, computer vision, sensors, and data analysis tools, which further collect and analyze traffic data, generate solutions, and apply them further to make a balanced traffic infrastructure.

Manage traffic efficiently

Poles are uprooted, traffic lights aren’t working, and this all creates havoc on the roads. This is a normal situation to experience during the climatic condition or fault in the technical lines. However, it leads to a much disturbing flow for the passengers to face the brunt of traffic congestion. With the integration of the Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), AI technology comes into practice and runs smart algorithms, which automatically identify traffic violations. It ensures to pave a smooth passage for running red lights, crossing lanes, reverse driving, and lane marking infractions, and much more. Being a trending technology, it is at the hand of receiving 100,000 data records and capable of receiving a response within seconds.

Avoid accidents on the roads

AI-enabled traffic management system brings another advantage for the drivers and passengers, where it manages the traffic that curbs the accidents happening on the roads. Also, in the metropolitan cities where cities are traffic-choked, such a step helps in automating the environmental footprint through the vehicles.

Final thoughts

The power of AI brings a long range of benefits for different industries and business sectors. The navigation system earlier was thought to be consumed with GPS and other technology that helps in keeping track of the traffic congestion.

Indeed, this approach would pave smarter ways for the drivers and vendors to fulfill the last minute delivery hassles and significantly improve their services with the intelligent traffic system.

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This post was originally published by at Medium [AI]

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