10 best entry level Machine Learning tutorials

To help entry-level enthusiasts get their head around different ML systems and how to implement them, I’ve put together some of my favorite machine learning tutorials. All of the following articles provide a brief introduction to the systems being covered, talk you through the cleaning, testing, and implementation process, and also provide links to datasets and Gitub repositories so you can follow the same steps on your own.

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Beginner's Guide to Product Categorization in Machine Learning

Product categorization, sometimes referred to as product classification, is a field of study within natural language processing (NLP). It is also one of the biggest challenges for ecommerce companies. With the advancement of AI technology, researchers have been applying machine learning to product categorization problems.

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How to create an authentic Data Science Project for your Portfolio

As an inspiring data scientist, building interesting portfolio projects is key to showcase your skills. When I learned coding and data science as a business student through online courses, I disliked that datasets were made up of fake data or were solved before like Boston House Prices or the Titanic dataset on Kaggle.

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The last Machine & Deep-Learning Compendium you’ll ever need

In the last 3 years, I have been curating everything related, directly or indirectly, to machine-learning (ML), deep-learning (DL), Statistics, Probability, NLP, NLU, deep-vision, etc. I started curating a compendium because I wanted to expand the scope of my knowledge. I believe that every researcher and data scientist (DS) should strive to learn more on a daily basis, not by hitting task-related walls and solving them, but as a lifelong learning practice.

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15 must-read Machine Learning articles for Data Scientists

Machine Learning Articles

As always, the fields of deep learning and natural language processing are as busy as ever. It seems almost every week, new models are being released, and new startups are showing off AI-powered technologies that will help build a better world. In this article, we will briefly go over some of the biggest recent news in NLP and deep learning, as well as some must-read guides, feature articles, tools, resources, and datasets you may want to check out.

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