Great Data Science and Machine Learning Podcasts

The U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics estimates that 11.5 million new data science jobs will be added by 2026. For those just starting out in the space or considering a transition from another industry, podcasts are useful for developing an understanding of data science and machine learning in industry and research.

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How can AI-powered humanitarian engineering tackle the biggest threats facing our planet?

Humanitarian Engineering

Humanitarian engineering programs bring together engineers, policy makers, non-profit organisations, and local communities to leverage technology for the greater good of humanity. The intersection of technology, community, and sustainability offers a plethora of opportunities to innovate.

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Microsoft: The UK must increase its AI skills, or risk falling behind

Palace of Westminster

A report from Microsoft warns that the UK faces an AI skills gap which may harm its global competitiveness. The research, titled AI Skills in the UK, shines a spotlight on some concerning issues. For its UK report, Microsoft used data from a global AI skills study featuring more than 12,000 people in 20 countries…

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