Why an AI community chose to run a deep tech pre-accelerator?

As AI moves from research labs to commercial products, the dent technology leaves on society accelerates — agreed by mass. In the following three years, the contribution from AI will grow considerably. The European Union predicts that AI solutions will have an economic impact of $12 trillion by 2025. The need to bridge the gap in the deep tech startups space is more real than a few years ago.

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How do you define Business Model Innovation?

In 2020, all competitive companies are in a state of constant business transformation. That’s just a fact : those that do not evolve are made redundant by stronger, more agile competitors. And so, mediocre companies update their products and services. Good companies update their processes, too. Great companies, meanwhile, update their business models.

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Onboarding AI: “Something went wrong” stories

Onboarding AI to products does not always go that smoothly. Some might say it could be either success, or failure. But more likely – first results will be useless, and only after several iterations there’d be actual value. So here are stories of what went wrong with AI projects, while evolving.

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How Small Businesses can leverage AI to battle bigger competitors

Building your AI team

Recently consigned to Hollywood dream, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently one of the quickest developing modern capacities. Truth be told, AI as an industry is anticipated to outperform $390 billion all around by 2025, up from $24.9 billion of every 2018.At its center, AI tries to change data into shrewd, mechanized activity.

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14 small productivity principles you can start practicing today

14 Small Productivity Principles You Can Start Practicing Today

With time, patience, and lots of learning along the way, I realized that doing more is actually doing less by focusing on things that matter and having a solid control over the process to achieve desired outcomes.
That’s when I discovered what productivity is all about.

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