How to use Machine Learning Models to predict Loan eligibility

Build predictive models to automate the process of targeting the right applicants.
Loans are the core business of banks. The main profit comes directly from the loan’s interest. The loan companies grant a loan after an intensive process of verification and validation. However, they still don’t have assurance if the applicant is able to repay the loan with no difficulties.

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Sentiment Analysis using Deep Learning techniques — A case study

Electoral Sentiment Analysis

The phenomenal growth in real-time data tracking and analyzing techniques has inspired data scientists to visualize and predict sentiments, build real-time models to predict the winners, etc. This isn’t the most exciting part.

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Comparative Study Of Best Time-Series Models For Pandemic Response

Time Series Modeling for Covid19

With the effect of the pandemic increasing every day and casting a vehemently toxic influence in almost all parts of the world, it becomes important how can we contain the spread of the disease. In this blog, we try to model Single-Step Time Series Prediction, using Deep Learning Models, on the basis of Medical Information.

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So you want to study Machine Learning and Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering and AI

The application of ML to Civil Engineering began in the 1980s when ML techniques were applied for knowledge extraction from Civil Engineering (CIE) data. The field of civil engineering is rife with the problem of uncertainties in areas not limited to construction management, safety, design, and decision making; the solution to these problems depends on calculations and experience of practitioners.

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