Facebook Learning Landscapes for interaction exploration in 3D environments

Embodied agents operating in human spaces must be able to master how their environment works: what objects can the agent use, and how can it use them? We introduce a reinforcement learning approach for exploration for interaction, whereby an embodied agent autonomously discovers the affordance landscape of a new unmapped 3D environment (such as an unfamiliar kitchen).

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Microsoft: The UK must increase its AI skills, or risk falling behind

Palace of Westminster

A report from Microsoft warns that the UK faces an AI skills gap which may harm its global competitiveness. The research, titled AI Skills in the UK, shines a spotlight on some concerning issues. For its UK report, Microsoft used data from a global AI skills study featuring more than 12,000 people in 20 countries…

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Know about the 7 basic Tech trends in the Personal Finance space

Know About The 7 Basic Tech Trends In The Personal Finance Space

There’s nothing stagnant about the financial services industry any longer.
Tectonic shifts in technology have created positive and transformational
reverberations in the world of personal finance. And the more we understand these shifts, the more informed decisions we can make around spending, saving, and investing.

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