The secrets of small data: How Machine Learning finally reached the enterprise

Over the past decade, “big data” has become Silicon Valley’s biggest buzzword. When they’re trained on mind-numbingly large data sets, machine learning (ML) models can develop a deep understanding of a given domain, leading to breakthroughs for top tech companies.

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Stock trend prediction from News Sentiment

Companies sell their shares on the stock market, putting the company squarely in the public domain. While the impact on stock value has various causes and effects, a big factor in price change is the way a company is perceived. Sentiment from news can be used as an predictive indicator of trend. In tis article we give a brief overview of how we analyze sentiment.

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Beginner's Guide to Product Categorization in Machine Learning

Product categorization, sometimes referred to as product classification, is a field of study within natural language processing (NLP). It is also one of the biggest challenges for ecommerce companies. With the advancement of AI technology, researchers have been applying machine learning to product categorization problems.

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15 must-read Machine Learning articles for Data Scientists

Machine Learning Articles

As always, the fields of deep learning and natural language processing are as busy as ever. It seems almost every week, new models are being released, and new startups are showing off AI-powered technologies that will help build a better world. In this article, we will briefly go over some of the biggest recent news in NLP and deep learning, as well as some must-read guides, feature articles, tools, resources, and datasets you may want to check out.

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How Document Classification can improve business processes

Document Classification

The process of labeling documents into categories based on the type of the content is known as document classification. Document classification can be done using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and python. Can easily apply to sorting and managing images, texts, and videos.

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Key aspects of Machine Learning operations, explained

Machine Learning Operations

Until 2015, even professional programmers didn’t consider machine learning has real potential and benefits. However, with innovation the development of AI and computing capabilities build-up, autonomous MLOps platforms began to develop rapidly and became an integral part of computer systems development.

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