4 effective ways to write Executive Summaries for your concepts

This article describes the ‘idea model’ and provides various examples of real ideas — explains how to write effective executive summaries for your concepts.
Ideas are powerful constructs. Provided that they are articulated and communicated effectively, they can become the starting point of impactful initiatives and new innovations.

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A-Z Of DevOps: Managing multiple environments with the help of these tools

In most DevOps settings you’ll find that there are multiple environments in the pipeline. You might have conditions that change the environment based on which branch was merged or when a branch is tagged for release. There are a number of reasons you want to have more than just a production environment, the biggest reason being testing.

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How to make remote work easier amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Remote work amid covid19

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is causing many companies to ask their employees to work from home. Apple, Twitter, and Facebook are some high-profile names that have closed their offices in an effort to protect their workers and curb the spread of the deadly disease.

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14 small productivity principles you can start practicing today

14 Small Productivity Principles You Can Start Practicing Today

With time, patience, and lots of learning along the way, I realized that doing more is actually doing less by focusing on things that matter and having a solid control over the process to achieve desired outcomes.
That’s when I discovered what productivity is all about.

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Getting the best from your most valued asset – your people

Getting the best from your most valued asset

A diagnostic look at the part played by AI in developing your most critical of assets, ‘your people’. Understand the impact of AI in the areas of recruitment, personality, training, development and succession. Developing the capability of today, the leaders of tomorrow and getting the best from your most valued asset.

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