4 effective ways to write Executive Summaries for your concepts

This article describes the ‘idea model’ and provides various examples of real ideas — explains how to write effective executive summaries for your concepts.
Ideas are powerful constructs. Provided that they are articulated and communicated effectively, they can become the starting point of impactful initiatives and new innovations.

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6 things about Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence you must know to protect your IT Business

With the year almost coming to a close, there is a need for reflection and tweaks in various business departments in a bid to navigate the new year — 2021 — more effectively. When it comes to cybersecurity, in particular, getting acquainted with the emerging issues in the sector and acting in accordance with them can help companies stay abreast of any challenges that might arise.

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How to combine design & business thinking in Product Development

Design Thinking & Business Thinking in Product Development

Long-life living for only getting profit has not much sense. Similarly, products created for “making money” become part of the mass-consumerist machine. Nothing special. They are quickly forgotten. They are, and they are not. They live for a while and bring very temporary value. 

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