Construction Robotics is increasing safety and productivity on Job Sites

Construction Robotics is changing the way construction is done. It has always been inevitable that robotics technology would enter into dangerous industries to increase safety and productivity, but many people still view it as a futuristic phenomenon.

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AI and the future of Medical Diagnostics

So much is in silos across diagnostic laboratories: data, analyzers, devices, even people — divided by walls, by processes, by distance or simply by force of habit. The result can be partial visibility, limited insight and duplication of effort. Artificial intelligence (AI) and digitalization are proving to be the tools to help transcend these barriers.

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Top 5 sorting algorithms in Python

Top 5 sorting algorithms

Sorting is a skill that every software engineer and developer needs some knowledge of. The different sorting algorithms are a perfect showcase of how algorithm design can have such a strong effect on program complexity, speed, and efficiency. Let’s take a tour of the top 5 sorting algorithms and see how we can implement them in Python!

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