Training better Deep Learning Models for Structured Data using Semi-supervised Learning

In this post, we will use semi-supervised learning to improve the performance of deep neural models when applied to structured data in a low data regime. We will show that by using unsupervised pre-training we can make a neural model perform better than gradient boosting.

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Google claims TensorFlow’s OpenCL can double inference performance

OpenCL vs OpenGL

Google today launched an OpenCL-based mobile GPU inference engine for its TensorFlow framework on Android. It’s available now in the latest version of the TensorFlow Lite library, and the company claims it offers a two times speedup over the existing OpenGL backend with “reasonably-sized” AI models.

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Creating a vanilla Neural Network with Tensorflow

Finding the needle in a haystack on a quantum computer

A beginner’s friendly guide detailed on creating a neural network using Tensorflow. Nowadays, Tensorflow is a highly demanded skill in the market, ensuring ease of production, standardizing some crucial stages of Machine Learning. Today you’ll learn how to make your first neural network with Tensorflow; We’re going to build a Multilayer Perceptron model, also called the “Vanilla” Neural Network. Are you ready? So let’s start!

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